Happy New Year,

"Any change into a new state of being is the result of the fullness of nature unfolding inherent potential"

- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

As we breathe out 2018 and breathe in 2019, we wish ourselves and others to be happy and we put New Year resolutions in place. These resolutions have a tendency to not last, right? In turn they can cause us a state of unhappiness. So this year, instead of a resolution that can be broken, set yourself a Sankalpa - 'San' meaning "born from the heart" and 'kalpa' means "unfolding over time"... An Intention. With the first New Moon of 2019 entering our sky on Sunday 6th January, it gives us a clean slate for any failed resolutions, the potential to grow an intention and the perfect time to plant the seed of our future dreams...


Join me for Yoga Classes, back next week from Monday 7th January where we will focus our practice on setting a heart filled Sankalpa - An Intention of peacefulness for the year ahead. Keeping this intention alive week on week in our practice.

Why not try my Free Flow @ Home Online Yoga Class this weekend to get you back in the flow and nourish yourself with an Easy Tasty Veggie Packed Stir-Fry.

If you haven't made it to a yoga class yet, I am delighted to extend into 2019 the offer of a FREE taster session for any of my classes (except for Wednesday's Yoga for All class at The Dance Studio Warrington), just click here to book your free place.

The 2018 Class Pass introductory offer price has now expired and the new 2019 group class prices are now live, click here for more information. All Class Passes still provide a saving off the Single Class Pass / Drop-in Prices and are flexible to use.



Check out the January class schedule here.


I am looking forward to another year full of Yoga & Wellness in 2019 with you.

Jennifer Kerrisk Yoga & Wellness

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