Welcome Spring,

Today officially marks the end of Winter with the Spring Equinox. What a welcoming transition to warmer and lighter days ahead. Letting our inner snow melt away, it is a time to cleanse the body and mind of any stagnated energy. Stimulating "Tapas", our inner fire to ignite enthusiasm in our life as we transition into a new season.

Make Shift Happen  

Stepping into Spring, what have you got planned for the month ahead for your physical and mental well-being? Spring clean... your home & heart, release the clutter, cleanse your body by exfoliating to shed layers of winter skin, nourish your mind with mindfulness during meal times, build strength and stamina with yoga.  

In yoga classes, we will continue to explore the practices for living soulfully with the Niyamas series. All yoga classes will finish up on Friday 12th April for the Easter holidays and will be back from Wednesday 24th April.  

On Monday 8th April, we will finish the term with the Niyamas Yoga Flow + Restore Evening. This event is now fully booked. Email me here to add your name to the waitlist. I am delighted to add the Flow + Restore evening as a regular monthly offering. Where you can choose to come along for a 1 hour Breathe Flow Glow Yoga Class or a 1 hour Restorative Yoga Class or experience the strength and still of both.  


The next monthly Flow + Restore evening is on Monday 20th May, where we will strengthen and release into hip openers. These evenings have been filling fast, so book your space early to avoid disappointment. For more information and booking,click here.    

I will be celebrating a one year anniversary next month in April for Yoga Classes in Warrington, WOW... what a year! I am so grateful and thankful to all my students and followers who have supported me every step of the way on my yoga journey to date. I celebrate YOU for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream and share my yoga. So to celebrate our one year anniversary, I'm giving you the chance to win a 4 Class Pass for any of my yoga classes in Warrington. All you have to do is write a one line review on google here of what you've enjoyed about my yoga classes in Warrington. I will randomly select and announce a winner of a 4 Class Pass on Saturday 13th April. Win your pass, leave a review here

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On Sunday I shared a 2 hour Spring Workshop with some students, moving, relaxing, drinking tea and smoothies. As we enter a new season, I am creating another Sunday of yoga for June. Where we will retreat for the day from 10am - 3pm with hatha, restorative and mindfulness practices, a soundbath and a vegan lunch. If this sounds like something you would like to attend, please do send me a message or email me here to register your interest for a Summer Stillness Retreat Day and where there is enough interest I will create an uplifting and restful day together. 

Would you like a Weekend Yoga Retreat? Some of you have expressed your interest and requested that I host a yoga retreat this year. Which is something I would love to do. I have sourced a stunning eco venue mid Wales, close to Snowdonia and the gorgeous coastline at Aberdovey for a weekend in September. Do you want to come with me to revitalise in the Cambrian Mountains. A weekend of adventure with walks, rejuvinating yoga practices, nourishing food, uplifting activities with plenty of time to relax and recharge. There would be a maximum of 9 places on this very special retreat, all room options are private but there is shared options if you wanted to travel with a friend or a partner as a couple. Thinking this is something you would enjoy? I need you to express your interest to me for this to happen, as it requires minumum numbers and commitment to go ahead. So please tell me at class or send me an email now if you want a weekend retreat and I will create the magic!...


Bloom and Glow into the beginnings of Spring, release the cold, dark winter months tiredness, reawaken, cleanse, energize, grow and nourish your soul. Create shift. 

"Om Shanti"



Check out the March class schedule here. 



Breathe Flow Glow Yoga
Every Monday, until Apr 8 - back from Apr 29  | 7PM - 8PM
Fearnhead Community Centre
Insall Rd., Warrington, WA2 0HD

First Class Free
Single Class £6 
4 Class Pass £20 | 6 Class Pass £30

Come ready to move in this yoga flow with creative sequencing, focused on alignment, building natural strength and increasing flexibility. Get up off your feet with arm balances and inversions. Get flowing to this signature class with the scents of essential oils and beautiful music 
More Information

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Every Wednesday, until Apr 10 - back from Apr 24
6PM - 7PM
The Dance Studio Warrington
Unit 8-11, Wharf Street, Warrington,

Single Class £6 
4 Class Pass £20 | 6 Class Pass £30
A yoga flow for all with dynamic movement, focused on alignment basics, building natural strength and increasing flexibility. Learning to set up for more advanced postures. Get flowing to this signature Hatha inspired class for ALL, connecting breath to movement with the scents of essential oils and beautiful music 
More Information

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Restorative Yoga
Every Thursday, until Apr 11th - back from Apr 25
10AM - 11AM
Padgate Youth and Community Centre (new room at the back of the centre) 
Station Road, Padgate, Warrington, WA2 0QS 

First Class Free
Single Class £7
4 Class Pass £21 | 6 Class Pass £31
Step into a candle lit room, calming music, scents of essential oils and postures supported by all the comfy props. Experience relaxation at its best! You will leave feeling completely restored 
More Information

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Late Night Flow Yoga
Every Thursday, Jan 10 - Feb 21. No class Apr 11. 
8.15PM - 9.15PM
Studio 54 Dance Academy
Pewterspear Green Sports Pavilion
Beamish Cl, Stretton, Warrington, WA4 5RL

First Class Free
Single Class £5.50
Book directly with Studio 54 by messaging here
Throw on your yoga pants, come along to class and get ready to move. Have some fun in this Hatha Flow set to beautiful music and scents of essential oils 

Get flowing each week with creative sequencing, focused on alignment, building natural strength and increasing flexibility. Challenging yourself to get up off your feet with arm balances and inversions.
More Information

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Slow Flow Yoga
Every Friday, until Apr 13 - back from Apr 27
10AM - 11AM 
Padgate Methodist Church
Padgate Lane, Warrington, WA1 3JU

First Class Free
Single Class £6 
4 Class Pass £20 | 6 Class Pass £30

Take it at a slower pace in this yoga flow with longer strength building holds. Step out of the daily hustle and tune into a little self-care with movement and music to soothe the soul.

Flow through a slow paced yoga class
Come for the flow, leave with a glow 
More Information



Check out our upcoming events & workshops



Flow + Restore Evening
Monday, May 20 | 7PM - 9.15PM 
Fearnhead Community Centre
Insall Rd., Warrington, WA2 0HD

Flow £6 or 1 Class Pass
Restore £7 or 1 Class Pass

Flow + Restore £12 or 2 Class Passes

Join us for our monthly Yoga Flow + Restore Evening.

Come along for a 1 hour Breathe Flow Glow Yoga Class or a 1 hour Restorative Yoga class or experience the strength + still of both.

More Information

Wishing you a month full of awareness, breath, mindfulness, self-care and wellness. 

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Self-Love Restorative Yoga Practice

Glow @ Home

Your Restorative Yoga Guide

Yeeeeey! I am so delighted you are here. This page contains everything you need to create your own Glow Restorative Yoga mini session at home right now.

Prepare for a heart focused, grounded yoga practice, calming music, a love inspired smoothie and lots of self-love for Valentine’s. All you need to do now is read through your Glow at Home Restorative guide below and get ready for a lovely relaxed moment to yourself.

IMG_20190207_160723_823 (1).jpg


Our Restorative yoga classes are one of the most tranquil and calming sessions in our week. This restorative practice is very different to our hatha flow style classes. In restorative, we focus in on slowing right down, grounding to the earth and tuning inwards. It’s a mindful meditation on your mat with the opportunity to completely restore the body mind.

You will hold the postures for minutes at a time and rather then grasping or attaching to the postures, give yourself permission to let go of muscular tension and sink in, releasing as much effort as possible. Attune and focus entirely on your breath, helping you remain present within the moment as your body releases tension and noticing the minds thoughts with a sense of stillness.

You can say restorative is the most advanced yoga practice, it is not always easy to bring the body to still. Notice when you want to leave the pose, if you want to fidget or the mind attempts to distract your calm. Allow it to happen, notice it, breathe into it and let the thoughts or sensations be on their way!

Never feel pain within the pose, adapt where necessary. This practice has been designed without props as most you will not own a bolster or blocks but please use blankets and cushions for extra padding, warmth and bend the knees where needed to release the lower back.

Sometimes it is welcoming to come into Savasana - corpse pose (see the final pose) in between postures to realign and reset the body and tune in to how you felt before entering the pose and how you feel when releasing out. Set a timer on your watch or phone so that you can relax into the postures and know when to move out, move out easily and gently.

Press play on my Spotify February Yoga Playlist here or practice in complete silence. Enjoy!


Bālāsana - Child’s Pose

(5 minutes)

Bring your knees mat width apart, big toe’s together. Sit your hips down towards your heels, arms stretched out in-front. Release your forehead and heart center to the earth. Place padding underneath the hips or forehead if preferred.


Jathara Parivartonasana - Revolved abdomen twist

( 5 minutes each side)

Lie on your back, bring both knees into your chest. Arms out to sides, shoulder height with palms facing up or down, your preference. Drop both knees over towards the left, gazing to the right if it’s comfortable on the neck or gaze up. Repeat the opposite side.


Viparita Karani - Legs up the wall pose

(5 minutes)

Sit with one hip to a wall. Turn onto your back at the same time as bringing your legs up the wall. Shuffle yourself as close as possible to the wall, so your legs are straight. Rest your hands on your belly, by your side or overhead. If any pain in the lower back, bend the knees with soles of feet together.


Savasana - Corpse Pose

(5 minutes)

Lie down, legs out mat width apart, toes falling out to sides. Brings your arms away from your side, palms facing up, fingers naturally curl. Rock head side to side gently before coming back to center. Forehead slightly higher than your chin, allowing the frontal lobes of the brain to quiet. Breathe into your heart space.

When you are ready to release from your relaxation, begin to deepen your breath, bring movement to the body and roll to your right side, taking a moment there before moving on with your day. Complete your practice with a nourishing bright pink inspired by love Energy Buzz Smoothie, sit and sip in stillness and serenity.

Om Shanti - Peace…




Easy Tasty Veggie Packed Stir-Fry

Happy New Year. This colourful healthy stir-fry is the perfect lunch to feed our New Year Resolutions for self- care, when we want gorgeous nourishing food that is easy and quick to make.

Made with Carrots, Green Beans, Spinach and Cashews, a tasty reminder of brighter days whilst warming us up. I could eat so much of this, it’s delicious. Seasoned with immune boosting Ginger and flavoured with Low Salt Soy Sauce.

I’ll often make a double quantity for dinner and then store in a lunch box to grab for the following day. So Yum!


Easy Tasty Veggie Packed Stir-Fry Recipe

Serves 4


1 tbsp of coconut or olive oil

1 onion, cut thinly

1 carrot, cut into thin slices

1 thumb size piece of ginger sliced

Handful of Green Beans Frozen or Fresh

Handful of Baby Corn Sliced or sweetcorn Frozen (whatever you have available)

Handful of Spinach

Handful of Cashew Nuts

Add a courgette or peppers if to hand

1 - 2 tbsp of Low Salt soy Sauce

Serve with Noodles


There’s not much to this, it’s very simple and easy and takes less than 15 minutes. Heat up a pan or wok. Chop up all veggies with ginger and throw into pan, until golden and softened. The thinner you slice the carrots the quicker it will cook.

Then add in you spinach. Roast your cashews if you wish or just place straight onto pan with rest of ingredients.

Serve with noodles and soy Sauce. You can always add a fried egg on top for extra protein.

Enjoy your delicious and easy Stir-Fry. Then leave me a comment in the comments box below or take a picture and tag me (@jenniferkerriskyoga) over on Instagram and let me know what you thought! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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